Electronic Cigarette Issues

Some people are worried over the inhalation of pure nicotine directly and secondhand smoke; presently you will find studies that are testing these results. There have been promised from your FDA that e-cigarettes are not as healthy as they may market themselves to be. They may have set reasons just like findings of a chemical called Diethylene glycol and tobacco particularly nitrosamines (TSNAs).

The FDA experience spotlighted two significant brands of electronic cigarettes when they had been screening these new devices. The study also discovered that the toner cartridges that contain the nicotine solution would not always have the correct amount of nicotine inside them that they stated. Additionally they stated they discovered remnants of nicotine in the low-nicotine solutions presented to people too.

These studies had been done in May 2009 and also, since then, the cigarette marketplace has undergone numerous modifications to make sure high-quality management as we see with Vaporfi. This was done to ensure that toner cartridges are delivering the right amount of pure nicotine each and every time. Moreover, the American Association of Public Health Physicians has come out and backed the e-cigarette market. They feel the results of second-hand smoke will be significantly reduced by people using e-cigarettes.

The Pros

– E-cigarettes do not create smoke
– They are free of tar and ashes
– They are odor free

Vapors of e-cigarettes are similar to real tobacco. This feature will allow the users to obtain the sensation of smoking real tobacco.

Available in a number of tastes. So, users can choose their favorite flavor.

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Different types of accessories are available, which makes them intriguing and interesting to use.

Chargeable with USB.

These electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere since there is no genuine smoke present, which can protect the health of people around you.

When charged, batteries of these electronic cigarettes last for at least one week depending to the brand that you are using.

Above all, they could slowly make the cigarette smokers reduce using natural cigarettes.

Just like anything in this world, there are disadvantages of these electronic cigarettes also.

The Cons

– Might not give immediate outcomes
– Needs enough time for cigarette smokers to get used to the feeling of smoking them
– Some individuals will have difficulty to have e cigs instead of the real ones
– When utilized without the proper motivation, this will turn out to be a failure for someone trying to quit smoking

The pros clearly outweigh the cons of using electronic cigarettes, as you can observe. Do not wait that long. Take some strong action at this time. Choose your health over your ‘addiction’. They can be your biggest priority right now.


Learn how much electronic cigarettes cost and what are some of the best brands to be looking at? This can be an excellent question and anybody should go through some of the best brand names of electronic cigarettes as well as the prices that are included with them. Remember that things like the Vaporfi and V2 Cigs coupons can really make a difference in the price.

As you can tell e-cigarettes can be quite economical and over time not only save your life or even the lifestyles of your family but it will likewise save you thousands of dollars in cash!